USB Lock How Tos

Get answers on how to secure your USB drives, External Drives, USB Hard Drives and all types of external storage devices. Get step-by-step instruction on how to use USB Lock.


How to secure Portable Hard Drives from data leaks?

There is an increasing number of portable hard drive and other storage devices used in daily routine to transport loads of confidential data, including employees data, health related information, business and marketing plans, significant financial and intellectual information. Along with the increase in usage, also increase the risk of data theft and data leaks which may lead to serious consequences. It has become more important than ever to take necessary precautions when carrying sensitive and confidential information in your portable hard drives, the best of them is to password protect portable hard drives with USB Lock. It’s a simple one click process that will save you from all kind of breaches. Here is how can do it:
  • 1. Plug in your portable hard drive that you want to protect with USB Lock, and run the USB Lock setup.
  • 2. The program will get installed on your drive, if there are more than one drives plugged in, you will be asked to select the drive.
  • 3. Once the program is installed, you need to set and confirm your password. Please be sure that you can remember your password all the time, because there is no other way to access your protected data. You can also set a password hint for convenience.
  • 4. Once the password is set, simply click the ‘Protect’ button to secure portable hard drive and make it password protected.
  • 5. To unprotect your drive, plug in your drive on any windows running computer, enter the password and click the ‘Unprotect’ button. Your data will instantly become accessible.