USB Lock How Tos

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How to lock External drives with USB Lock?

Today is the age of portability and expediency. Everyone knows the importance of portable external as they can store a huge amount of data. Individuals carry these external drives along with all their important information as they are handy, economical and can store lots of data in it. Along with convenience, these external drives pose a risk of data theft if they are stolen, lost or miss placed. Protection of these storage devices are very much concerned and stipulated to keep away from any jeopardizes. Here at TechApplet, we realize how important and crucial it is to ensure the security of your portable external drives. With USB lock, you can Lock External Drives and keep your sensitive information secure from all kind of data theft. Here is how you can do this:
  • 1. Download USB Lock from
  • 2. Run the setup file and choose the external drive that you need to install it on. Note that if you have only one drive plugged in, it will automatically install USB Lock on that drive.
  • 3. Run the application and all you need to do is set and confirm your password. There is also an option to set a password hint, just in case you ever forget your password.
  • 4. Once the password is set, click the ‘Protect’ button to Lock External Drive and all the data you have stored on that drive.
  • 5. Whenever you need to access your protected data, simply run the USB Lock application, enter the password and click ‘Unprotect’ button. All your data will be unprotected and you can access it normally.
  • 6. To protect your data again after you have done. Simply click the 'Done' button to close the mounted virtual drive and your data will be in protection mode again. Please note that it is necessary to click 'Protect' button again in order to lock your data.